The days of coming home to a house that’s too hot or too cold for comfort were thought to be over with the invention of the programmable thermostat. The smart programmable thermostat is the next generation gathering information about you and your family’s comfort levels and acting on it. 

These smart thermostats come with many additions to the usual time and temperature settings of other programmable thermostats. They have built in WiFi capabilities, which allow you to access and control your thermostat from any device with an Internet connection. Some of these thermostats even have apps allowing you to communicate with it via smartphone.

Using this WiFi capability, your smart programmable thermostat can communicate with your utility company to find out when peak energy price times are and can raise or lower your thermostat accordingly to save you money. As if that isn’t enough, during these peak price times, you can program some of these thermostats to turn off other nonessential appliances such as your water heater. Many of these thermostats will also display when peak energy prices are in effect, allowing you to take control of your energy use at those times to avoid using high consumption appliances.

Some smart programmable thermostats can actually “learn” your heating and cooling needs. They do this by remembering your manual adjustments, checking humidity and ambient light levels, and some even have motion sensors to know when you’re home—provided it’s in a normal to high traffic part of your home.

Many of these thermostats are more complicated to install than a traditional thermostat. Because of the level of knowledge required to install them correctly, you’ll need to hire an HVAC expert for quality installation.

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