Advantages of a Programmable Thermostat


Older thermostats limit the control you have over your comfort. Not being able to warm up on a windy day or cool down on a sunny day is exhausting. With programmable thermostats, you can have

Advantages of a Programmable Thermostat2021-05-26T11:17:34-05:00

Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting Thermostats


A thermostat that refuses to work can ruin your whole home's atmosphere. Either your home is too hot or too cold, or you’ve got some wretched combination of humidity and heat. Whatever the problem is,

Helpful Tips for Troubleshooting Thermostats2020-07-17T11:35:47-05:00

Summer Thermostat Settings


We all know how hot and humid the summers in Cleveland can get. And we also all know that each person has a different preference on how they want to escape that type of heat.

Summer Thermostat Settings2020-05-20T08:25:22-05:00

Smart Thermostats: What They Are Why You Need Them


Smart thermostats (or wifi-thermostats) are a type of thermostat with wireless internet connectivity. They allow you to connect to your HVAC system through your smartphone, tablet, or computer to control your settings whether you’re at

Smart Thermostats: What They Are Why You Need Them2020-05-20T08:41:45-05:00

Wi-Fi Thermostats


A wifi thermostat could be a helpful addition to your parents’ home or your summer home. Tune in to our newest video to hear why.

Wi-Fi Thermostats2020-05-20T09:38:23-05:00

5 Ways to Cut Air Conditioner Costs


We all joke about Ohio weather, but the midwest summer does eventually roll around – and it’s been brutal. While this year isn’t expected to be quite as intolerable as past summers, we’ll all still

5 Ways to Cut Air Conditioner Costs2020-05-20T09:52:22-05:00
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