There’s an app for just about everything these days – why should your home comfort system be any different? As more and more companies move into the wireless thermostat arena, the sleek design of the box on your wall is just one of the areas where they’re competing for your money. Increasingly, the Wi-Fi thermostat war is being waged on your smart phone and tablet – Wi-Fi climate control apps really are the next big thing. There are countless reasons having a Wi-Fi thermostat is beneficial to you – but we’ll give you just two practical examples of how controlling your home comfort system remotely is a huge benefit.

Reprogram your Thermostat on the Move

First, if you’re away on business and notice that the weather is changing rapidly back home, you’d typically have to call and tell the house sitter to bump the thermostat up or down a few degrees accordingly. But with today’s technology, most Wi-Fi thermostats have an interface that will work from anywhere with an internet connection – meaning you an pull out your smartphone, tablet or even laptop in some cases, and with a few clicks reprogram the thermostat back home without any hassle.

Boost Energy Savings Without Hassle

The second example comes at the airport – when you’re about to board that flight for your three-week vacation and realize you forgot to set the furnace to “away”. Instead of calling a friend to go unlock your house, reset the thermostat and worrying for most of your trip whether they’d remembered to lock up again on their way out, you can just launch your Wi-Fi thermostat control app, make the relevant adjustment and be on your way to greater home efficiency without wasting your time.

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