What were your energy bills like last year? Even if you have an older programmable thermostat, you probably cringe at the thought of what those bills did to your budget. But there is a new generation of thermostats available now with an array of features that make it easier than ever to be smart about your energy use.

Programmable thermostats now employ “smart” technology to greatly enhance your knowledge of your HVAC system, the best settings for your household and the ability to keep an eye on your energy provider’s rates.

  • System maintenance: When your system is inefficient, it costs you money. These models maintain a constant internet connection that allows them to keep track of when your equipment needs to be serviced and whether the system is functioning at peak levels.
  • Access from anywhere: They also come with a smartphone application and web interface that allow you to control your settings from your phone or any internet connection. So you can go to happy hour and save money on energy while you’re there.
  • Rate monitoring: Not only do you have constant access, the thermostat uses the internet to track peak hour rates from your energy provider. With the information, you can easily tweak the settings to use less energy when it is most expensive.
  • Humidity control: Smart programmable thermostats check the humidity and air flow in your home and use the ventilation system and air handler to keep it at comfortable levels. You can then raise or lower the temperature according to the season, without sacrificing comfort.
  • Pollutant removal: This same testing feature allows them to detect any toxins or pollutant and remove them from your home, replacing stale air with fresh air.

Basically, the new generation of programmable thermostats are smart because they provide you with all the information you need to maximize your savings. They’re very simple to use, as well, so you can put this information to good use.

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