How to Reach Energy Savings With Your Programmable ThermostatThe continental climate around the greater Cleveland area can make it an expensive place to stay comfortable if you don’t carefully control your furnace and air conditioner settings. A programmable thermostat provides an easy way to take control, but your savings depend on how well you use the device.

Take Advantage of Your Options

The first step to getting the most out of a programmable thermostat is choosing the right model. Programmable thermostats come in three basic types:

  • 1-week model – This option uses the same programmed temperature schedule every day.
  • 5-2 day model – There’s one schedule for weekdays and another for the weekend with this thermostat option.
  • 5-1-1 day model – Set one schedule for weekdays a different schedule for each of the two weekend days.
  • 7-day model – This option lets you program different schedules for every day of the week.

In addition to choosing the type that best suits your weekly schedule, you need to invest in the right thermostat for your system. Heat pumps require a different type of thermostat than other systems.

Choose Energy-Wise Temperatures

For the greatest energy savings, schedule your system to run at energy-saving temperatures for at least eight hours a day. While you’re asleep or at work are good times. For example, in summer, you might program your air conditioner to 72 degrees while you’re home and 80 degrees while you’re away.

It doesn’t take more energy to cool down or heat up a house than it does to leave your system running, so only set your system to kick on about an hour before you arrive home. A thermostat with adaptive recovery technology collects and analyzes data to “learn” when to turn on so your home reaches your chosen temperature at the time you select.

Avoid frequently using the “override” setting to manage your temperatures. If you’re consistently uncomfortable, change the program. Use the “vacation” or “hold” setting to save energy when you’re away for several days but don’t want to turn off your system entirely.

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