The purpose of a programmable thermostat is to provide homeowners a convenient and care-free means to save energy and enhance home comfort, but it must be used correctly for full benefit. If you already have one installed, or if you are thinking about purchasing one, learn how to best use it to your advantage.

Choosing the right programmable thermostat

Programmable thermostats are available with a wide variety of features and programming options. Most thermostats provide six or more daily temperature changes to match multiple schedules. Some thermostats offer two programs for a standard five-day workweek and weekend, and more sophisticated units offer a different program for each day of the week.

Energy-saving programs

Consider your weekly schedule for time away from home for work or other activities, leisure hours spent at home and sleeping hours. The most energy can be saved while you’re away from home. Program the thermostat to increase or decrease indoor temperatures, depending on cooling or heating mode, by 10 to 12 degrees. During sleeping hours, adjust for energy savings up to an allowable comfort level, perhaps six to eight degrees up or down.

Energy-saving habits

If you’re not accustomed to significant temperature changes with thermostat adjustments, you may want to decrease the programmed temperature variances to develop good energy-saving habits. Otherwise, you may feel tempted to use the “hold” button too often, which compromises energy savings.

Tips for installation

The location of the programmable thermostat is important for accurate temperature readings. Choose an inner wall away from access doors, heat-generating appliances and sunlight. Avoid close proximity to air-supply outlets, too. “Phantom” readings caused by interference from an open access door, conditioned airflow or heat from sunlight or appliances can make accurate temperature readings impossible.

“Smart” programmable thermostat

Many homeowners are choosing smart programmable thermostats when upgrading cooling or heating equipment. A smart programmable thermostat offers remote access to system controls and monitoring via a smartphone app or web browser. Smart thermostats integrate other compatible home-comfort systems, too, such as a whole-house humidifier or ventilation system.

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