How to Save On Your Heating Bill this Winter


The raging Midwest winter is on its way, and chances are you’ve already turned your furnace on for the season. There are some conflicting predictions for what this cold season will look like, but no

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In Northeast Ohio, winterization of your home is crucial not only for comfort and efficiency, but also for your family’s safety. Ensure that all systems are working right, and that you’ve done all you can


A Simple How-To Guide to Caulking and Weatherstripping


Detecting and sealing air leaks in your Cleveland area home will help lower your energy bills while keeping you more comfortable year-round. Caulking and weatherstripping are two inexpensive, easy and effective options for stopping drafts

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A Simple How-To Guide To Weatherstripping


Weatherstripping can help reduce energy costs and improve the performance of your heating and air conditioning systems. Weatherstripping involves applying material to movable sources of air leaks, such as doors and windows. Best of all,

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