Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Checklist


It’s almost spring cleaning time. Traditionally, the start of the spring season has been considered THE time to deep clean your home. As you start clearing out your closets, shampooing the carpets, and emptying your

Spring Cleaning: Home Maintenance Checklist2020-05-20T08:36:29-05:00

Major Appliance Maintenance Basics


A recent study suggests there will be an increase in worldwide demand for major appliances: 445 million units by 2019. With so many major appliances being replaced or added to a home for the first

Major Appliance Maintenance Basics2020-05-20T09:02:21-05:00

Preparing for Air Conditioning Weather


As we’ve grown used to the climate changes in the past several years, we Midwestern dwellers have come to realize that the weather jumps from winter to summer quickly. And with the final snowfall of

Preparing for Air Conditioning Weather2020-05-20T09:13:31-05:00

5 HVAC Projects You Should Never DIY


You bought a new home and have come to realize how many repairs there are to complete. The stove, of course had to go since it was an outdated, electric range. A gas replacement seems

5 HVAC Projects You Should Never DIY2020-05-20T09:31:16-05:00

Last Time You Checked Your Furnace Filter?


What does a furnace filter look like when it needs to be replaced? How often should you change them? Watch our newest video for answers to your furnace filter questions. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u9ciqV3_bMc    

Last Time You Checked Your Furnace Filter?2020-05-20T09:33:19-05:00
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