How to Know When Your Home Needs Rewiring


Electricity powers nearly everything in our homes, and faults in wiring can create huge issues with extensive consequences. Sometimes it’s tough to know when you need home rewiring, since the majority of home wires are

How to Know When Your Home Needs Rewiring2021-02-12T12:12:51-05:00

Electrical Panel Outdated?


You’re in the bathroom. You’ve got the lights on, stereo blasting, and your blow dryer fanning your hair to perfection. Except right when you’re almost done, everything goes dark. The circuit tripped again! It’s the

Electrical Panel Outdated?2020-05-20T08:24:40-05:00

Microwave Failure


If you’re like most Americans, the microwave is a central hub in your home. It’s where you reheat leftovers your family sent home with you from Sunday dinner. It’s the ultimate tool for microwave dinners

Microwave Failure2020-05-20T08:34:36-05:00

On the Importance of Surge Protectors


It’s probably happened to you or someone you know. You’ve been on the computer for one thing or another during a storm. Lightning strikes, your power cuts out, and then it comes back on. But

On the Importance of Surge Protectors2020-05-20T08:39:37-05:00