An HVAC service agreement is one of the best ways to save money and provide peace of mind when it comes to your HVAC system’s reliability in future years. A critical part of reliable performance of any complex system is maintenance. A service agreement gives you maintenance service on an ongoing basis so that your system stays clean and major problems are avoided. Here are the three biggest reasons you should consider investing in an HVAC service agreement:

  1. Maintenance by a professional. There are certain maintenance jobs that you can do on your own, but some are difficult, unsafe or require expensive equipment to do right. When you have a professional technician servicing your system, you don’t have to worry about missing something important or doing a sub-par job. As an added bonus, technicians typically have years of experience spotting warning signs of bigger problems and will be able to alert you of most issues.
  2. Top priority. One major benefit of being an existing client of a service company is that when something does break, you’ll be a top priority. Even the best service agreement can’t protect you against everything, but your service provider will try to work with you if an emergency arises. It’s not uncommon to get priority service, often within 24 hours, along with better pricing if something big breaks down.
  3. Significant savings. While you might consider a maintenance agreement as an expense, the reality is that it will likely save you money over time. The first way it helps you is that it prevents major breakdowns and increases your system’s lifespan. Secondly, a well maintained system runs closer to peak efficiency as a result of being clean and having all parts functioning as well as possible. These savings are hard to notice, but if your energy bill is staying low, this is why.

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