This is How a Wi-Fi Thermostat Can Benefit YouWi-Fi thermostats are becoming more popular as homeowners increasingly discover the benefits of controlling their home environments from afar. These remotely operated thermostats are not just for frequent travelers; in our climate, where winter weather can rapidly deteriorate, homeowners who must be away all day can rely on a Wi-Fi thermostat to raise the temperature as needed to prevent frozen pipes and keep pets comfortable.

What is a Wi-Fi Thermostat?

Wi-Fi thermostats, also known as smart thermostats, allow the homeowner to control the thermostat in the home through an app installed in a smart device. A number of companies manufacture Wi-Fi thermostats, offering a variety of sophisticated functions, depending on what you want the thermostat to do and how much you want to spend.

Benefits of Going Wi-Fi

Obviously, the main advantage of a Wi-Fi thermostat for a homeowner is that the home’s temperature can be remotely controlled. It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling in another country, or just on the other side of town. If you can access your smart device, you can reset the temperature and the time you want the set point to occur and the thermostat will do its job. Some homeowners find programmable thermostats difficult to schedule, but with a Wi-Fi-enabled thermostat, it’s as simple as tapping in time and temperature on a keyboard.

Your smart thermostat can also be as smart as you like. Models are available that note the movements of the occupants of the home, while the thermostat adjusts the temperature accordingly — for instance, lowering the temperature in the winter when you’re asleep or away, or raising it when you get up or arrive home.

You can also choose a model that detects through the Wi-Fi signal when you’re approaching home: the thermostat will raise or lower the temperature before you arrive so the home feels comfortable. Some thermostats can detect when service is needed, such as a filter change, refrigerant charge or coil cleaning.

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