Upgrading Old Electrical Panels Keeps Your Home Safe

If you own an older home, it’s likely your electrical system was designed with just a few circuits. Today’s simultaneous use of modern appliances and electrical devices can overload these outdated systems. Our older homes simply weren’t built to accommodate our current electricity use.

Electrical panels and circuit breakers are designed to trip and turn off when overloads take place. This safety feature is designed to prevent the wires running from your electrical panel to your appliances from becoming too hot and catching fire.

The problem? Many older systems don’t trip when they need to. If there is a loose connection somewhere in the circuit, as can happen in older homes, the circuit breakers won’t trip, even when the circuit is overloaded. If circuit breakers don’t trip when they need to you, your home is at risk!

The solution? Upgrade your home’s electrical panel. Upgrading your electrical panel will bring your electrical system into the modern era, making it capable of running appliances, electronics, space heaters—you name it. Your home will keep all of its charm and none of its fire hazards.

The biggest benefit of upgrading your electrical panel? Safety. Sleep secure at night knowing that you have reduced the risk of fire in your home!

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