An energy evaluation will help point out where you are wasting energy in your home. But rather than just point out the problem, it will also provide you with a list of solutions that you can implement to begin enjoying savings with immediately.

Energy evaluations need to be performed by trained HVAC specialists. They note things like the number and location of your windows and take into consideration how they could affect your energy use.

They will also ask you several questions that help them get an idea of how you use your HVAC system on a day-to-day basis. Some questions may include:

  • How many people live here?
  • How often is the house left unoccupied?
  • Which rooms are used infrequently?
  • What temperature do you typically set for your house?

They will use this information to get an idea of how much energy you should be using. Then they compare it to your past utility bills to see how much you are actually using. If there are major discrepancies, they can show you how you can save money.

One common component of energy evaluations is a blower-door test. In it, a large fan is mounted to one of your door frames and turned on to lower the inside air pressure. Outside air will begin to seep in through cracks and holes which can be spotted with the aid of a smoke pencil. These are spots that need to be fixed.

A thermographic scan uses infrared video to find spots in your house that are at varying temperatures than the rest. These are commonly used in conjunction with the blower-door test to best find all areas that need improvement. Thermographic scans are better at pointing out where insulation may be weak.

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