Heat pumps are efficient systems that are unique in their method and ability to both heat and cool your home. They are complex machines that, like any other machine, need regular service to maintain prime functioning. If you are unfamiliar with the workings of heat pump components, it’s a good idea to grasp the basics so that your heat pump will provide your family efficient comfort for many years.

Basics Of Efficiency

The basic concept of a heat pump is that it simply moves existing heat from one place to another, as opposed to consuming energy to make heat, like furnaces do. This ability for heat transference allows heat pumps to deliver up to three times more heat energy to your living space than the electricity they use (up to six times efficiency with optional advanced features, and/or for geothermal heat pumps).

Heat-Pump Components At Work

The core components of heat pumps include:

  • Compressor: It pumps refrigerant through the system between the condenser and evaporator via the reversing valve.
  • Reversing valve: This device regulates the direction that the refrigerant flows, allowing for heating and cooling.
  • Expansion valve: This device regulates refrigerant pressure and flow through the system.
  • Refrigerant: It flows in a circulating cycle between the heat exchangers. In heating mode, it releases heat at the indoor heat exchanger (condenser), and then flows to the outdoor heat exchanger (evaporator) and extracts heat from the outdoor air (or earth for geothermal systems). In cooling mode, the opposite occurs, and the heat exchangers change roles.
  • Heat exchangers: Located indoors and outdoors, the two heat exchangers function interchangeably as both the condenser and evaporator, depending on which direction the refrigerant is flowing.
  • Blowers: Efficient heat exchange and distribution hinges on optimal blower function. The blowers force air across the heat exchangers inducing heat transference. The indoor blower is responsible for forcing the conditioned (heated or cooled) air through the ductwork.

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