What is My Furnace Telling Me?


Five Furnace Noises You Need to Understand When your furnace is running smoothly, you may grow used to its comforting, low hum. A furnace that’s working properly doesn’t call attention to itself, but a furnace

What is My Furnace Telling Me?2020-05-20T09:56:28-05:00

Extension Cord Safety


Stay Safe When Utilizing Extension Cords at Home Did you know that extension cords are meant to be temporary solutions, not permeant fixtures? Extension cords can help us complete projects or string festive lights, but

Extension Cord Safety2020-05-20T09:58:23-05:00

Preparing for Winter Storms


Residential Electricity Tips for Preparing for Winter Storms Snowy, icy winter weather conditions can bring down power lines and disrupt power service for days. Preparing for these weather events help keep your family and home

Preparing for Winter Storms2020-05-20T10:02:23-05:00

Appliance Safety for the Holidays


Have Fun, Stay Safe Hopefully, you’ve already reviewed our tips on holiday decoration safety. Another area to be aware of when it comes to celebrating safely is that many of us host gatherings and go

Appliance Safety for the Holidays2020-05-20T10:04:27-05:00

Winter and the Electricity in Your Home


4 Residential Electricity Tips for Winter Time Did you know that more house fires happen in winter than during any other time of year? Electrical Safety Foundation International offers some safety tips for winter electrical

Winter and the Electricity in Your Home2020-05-20T10:04:57-05:00

Space Heaters: Safe or Not?


Best Practices for Space Heater Safety Over the course of our lives, we’ve all heard warnings about space heaters. Some of us even have tales of space heater use gone terribly wrong. Electric heating is

Space Heaters: Safe or Not?2020-05-20T10:07:35-05:00

5 Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires


Learn What to Avoid and What Steps to Take to Prevent a Fire Did you know that electrical issues cause around 51,000 house fires each year? In fact, faulty electrical systems are the third leading

5 Tips for Preventing Electrical Fires2020-05-20T10:18:20-05:00

Ice Dams 2


The presence of ice dams on the eaves of your roof indicates that temperatures in the attic are too warm. The heat from the attic will warm the roof’s surface and melt the snow. As

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