Summertime Electrical Failures


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Summertime Electrical Failures2020-05-20T09:09:37-05:00

How to Save On Your Heating Bill this Winter


The raging Midwest winter is on its way, and chances are you’ve already turned your furnace on for the season. There are some conflicting predictions for what this cold season will look like, but no

How to Save On Your Heating Bill this Winter2020-05-20T09:26:50-05:00

5 HVAC Projects You Should Never DIY


You bought a new home and have come to realize how many repairs there are to complete. The stove, of course had to go since it was an outdated, electric range. A gas replacement seems

5 HVAC Projects You Should Never DIY2020-05-20T09:31:16-05:00

Kids’ Safety


As a parent, you often worry about the trouble your children can find. But there’s good news – at least when it comes to your electrical outlets.

Kids’ Safety2020-05-20T09:44:22-05:00

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel


Just like a sniffly nose and coughing are symptoms of a cold, your home will give you symptoms of an electrical panel in need of an upgrade. It’s most common in older homes which weren’t

When to Upgrade Your Electrical Panel2020-05-20T09:46:06-05:00

Extension Cord Safety


Stay Safe When Utilizing Extension Cords at Home Did you know that extension cords are meant to be temporary solutions, not permeant fixtures? Extension cords can help us complete projects or string festive lights, but

Extension Cord Safety2020-05-20T09:58:23-05:00