Here’s a trend you’ll want to avoid – the rising levels of A/C or heat pump theft. Thieves in need of cash know that homes’ outside A/C and heat pump condensing units contain copper coils and wiring. With the price of copper rising, they’ll make off with your whole unit to earn a few bucks, or else strip the copper in a few minutes. Unfortunately, what nets them a few pennies from scrap dealers can cost you thousands in replacement costs. Here’s how you can avoid A/C or heat pump theft:

  • Add identifying marks to your copper coils. Bright paint, your home address, or other unique markers will make the copper less attractive to thieves fearful that it will raise suspicions at the scrap yard.
  • Consider motion sensors or security alarms. These alarms are triggered by someone getting too close to your unit, and the loud noise can be enough to both warn you and scare off potential burglars.
  • Add locks, fencing or cages around your outside unit. The more difficult you make it for a thief to steal your property, the less likely you’ll come home and find yourself a victim of A/C or heat pump theft.
  • Locate your outside unit carefully. If you live on a well-trafficked street, install the condensing unit where it can be seen from the street. Thieves will be reluctant to steal something if they’re in plain sight. However, if you live in a quiet, low-traffic area, it’s probably a better idea to install the outside unit where it can’t be seen from the street or road.

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