alexmillosHeat pump advantages get better all the time. The technology and efficiency of heat pumps continues to advance and today’s new units are more than ever a viable source of dependable cooling and heating. About 13 percent of the homes in North America now utilize heat pumps. In many cases, upgrading to a heat pump is indicated when either the air conditioner or furnace in a home requires replacement. Installing a heat pump instead allows the homeowner to consolidate cooling and heating functions into a single unit, utilizing the existing ductwork.

Like an air conditioner, a heat pump moves heat. However, while a central A/C only absorbs heat inside the house and disperses it outdoors to cool the premises, a heat pump also functions in reverse, extracting latent heat from the air outdoors and moving it indoors to warm the house.

Lower Costs

Since no combustion of natural gas or other fuel is involved, the only expenses related to heating or cooling with a heat pump are the costs of electricity to power the compressor and blower fan. In summer, the energy costs are similar to a central air conditioner with a seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) equivalent to the heat pump. During winter, however, heating costs with a heat pump can be up to 30 percent less than with a standard gas-fired or electric furnace.

Streamlined Maintenance

Upgrading to a heat pump means upkeep is limited to a single unit. Heat pump maintenance is generally the same as the maintenance on a conventional air conditioner and can be handled by a qualified HVAC technician, preferably scheduled twice a year. The procedure involves a check of all systems as well as measuring the refrigerant level and routine coil inspection and cleaning. Monthly filter changes—an easy DIY procedure your HVAC contractor will be happy to demonstrate—are recommended, as well.

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