Can't Figure Out How to Replace Thermostat Batteries? Let Us HelpYou have recently discovered your thermostat requires batteries. Even more importantly that they help save your programming so if you unexpectedly lose power, the heating and cooling system will remain on. Then you realize you have not changed the batteries before and are uncertain how it is done or even what type of batteries it actually takes.

There are three choices of batteries wall thermostats normally use. It may depend on the thermostat model and brand you have. Some may take the three volt button-style lithium batteries while others may require your regular AA or AAA alkaline batteries.

There are a couple of signs that your thermostat batteries should be replaced. First, your display will indicate that the battery power is low. Secondly your heating and cooling system will start to act strangely. After your batteries are entirely dead the display screen will go blank and your unit will quit responding altogether. Typically you should change the batteries at least once a year.

Steps To Replace Thermostat Batteries

  1. Remove the outside cover of your thermostat from its wall plate. If are unable to do so, then slide it upwards and pull it off .
  2. Turn the cover of your thermostat over to view the battery replacement openings. Use a small flat end screwdriver to carefully dislodge the dead batteries by sliding it into the openings and then lifting upwards.
  3. After you have removed the dead batteries, insert the new ones with the positive side facing upwards into the openings. That is unless it instructs you differently on the thermostat cover itself.
  4. Once the new batteries are in place you need to put the thermostat covering back onto the wall plate. Be certain the little posts on the back are lined up with the terminal screw block. Slip the cover downwards until it clicks into place.

So, the next time you need to replace thermostat batteries make it simple and follow these easy four steps.

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