What to Look for in a Quality HVAC InstallationWhether you’re looking for a heating and cooling system for a new home or replacing your existing equipment, a quality HVAC installation is necessary to get the most out of your investment. The EPA estimates that improper installation raises heating bills by up to 18 percent and air conditioning bills up to 36 percent. Prevent this energy waste by hiring a contractor that implements the components of a quality HVAC installation.

Proper Equipment Sizing

New HVAC equipment can’t be sized by square footage and climate alone. Other factors found in Manual J, such as window layout, home orientation, sun exposure, insulation levels and air infiltration rates, must also be considered.

Duct Sealing

Energy lost to leaky ducts can decrease efficiency by 15 percent or more. All ductwork should be sealed with duct mastic, not inadequate and poorly named duct tape. Any sections that span unconditioned areas should also be insulated to reduce heat gain and loss through duct walls.

Airflow Optimization

Once new HVAC equipment is in place, the job isn’t done. The contractor must measure and optimize airflow. Significantly high or low airflow wastes energy, fails to keep the home comfortable, may cause safety hazards and could put undue strain on the system, resulting in premature failure.

Refrigerant Charging

Central air conditioners and heat pumps rely on refrigerant to move heat. The correct charge is needed to maximize performance and efficiency. While refrigerant is usually charged correctly before being shipped, it’s important to test and adjust the charge after HVAC installation to ensure maximum comfort and low energy bills.

Thermostat Testing

A seemingly perfect HVAC installation might not operate correctly if the thermostat is not fully compatible with the new equipment. Before calling the job finished, the contractor should test the thermostat in all modes to ensure proper operation. This helps prevent call backs and ensures you have heating and cooling exactly when you need it.

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