Older thermostats limit the control you have over your comfort. Not being able to warm up on a windy day or cool down on a sunny day is exhausting. With programmable thermostats, you can have comfort and control. Being able to control your heating and cooling also means being able to control your energy bill. Heating or cooling empty rooms or houses, or using your system to its fullest extent while you are sleeping is a waste of money. With a digital thermostat, you can save your money by being able to control where that energy goes. Take a look at some more advantages of a programmable thermostat. 

Hand turning dial on old thermostat


Like the name says, these thermostats are programable. This means the owner has control over how the thermostat runs and works. You can control when and for how long it runs, and of course at what temperature. These factors are important to every single person because it affects their comfort. Being able to control how many times a week it turns on or what times of the day need different temperatures can really bring more comfort to a person and to a home. 


There are many ways to customize a programmable thermostat. First, pick the right kind of thermostat. There are four types of programmable thermostats; 7-day thermostats, 5+2 thermostats, smart thermostats, and adapting thermostats. A 7-day thermostat is best for those with a different need for every day of the week. A 5+2 thermostat is split into a five-day setting and a two-day weekend setting. The 5+2 can also be split into a 5+1+1. This gives more flexibility to those who wish for their weekend days to have different settings. A smart thermostat usually has wi-fi settings. These are fitting for people who are busy and often out of their homes. Smart thermostats come with apps to help you control your home environment. 

Smart thermostats gather information on your thermostat needs and use that to program your thermostat. They can also be programmed differently than what they have learned but will usually adapt to new settings. Digital and programmable thermostats may also have added features. Some of these features include a vacation mode, air filter indicators, and voice programming. Vacation and hold features are especially helpful if you have a vacation home or rooms you do not spend much time in. Turning off heating and cooling for those places, when you’re not home, can help you save money. 

Save Money

With a programmable thermostat, you can save time, energy, and money. These devices can help you lower your energy bill by controlling how much heating and cooling you want to use. Digital thermostats are also easier to read and navigate than non-digital thermostats. Older non-digital thermostats also contain high amounts of mercury and would be dangerous to have at home and not eco-friendly. They are also more prone to breaking. The older thermostats are not as easy to read and understand, or as customizable as newer models. 

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Digital thermostats are a must in your home. They are easy to use, safe to use, and work with you to provide you with comfort that you can control. At Stack, we can help you install and understand your smart thermostat. We can also help you determine what kind of HVAC system you have already and which programmable thermostat is most compatible with it. Having a certified and qualified professional help you is the best thing to do. The Stack team is always here to help you on your path to safety and comfort. 

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