Is it time for a heating system upgrade? Radiant heating deserves some serious thought, as its significant benefits pay back homeowners in spades.

Home Comfort

Radiant systems heat a home in a uniquely different way than forced-air systems, and offer significant comfort features. Namely, a radiant heating system, because it functions on the principles of convection, will heat your home from the ground up. Its even heat warms the floor first, and then your feet and your body – round the clock – so your home will have a comfortable, evenly warmed atmosphere throughout, whereas forced-air heating only provides warmth when the system is actually blowing air around.
Because radiant systems don’t use ductwork, your indoor air quality gets an upgrade, with less dust blowing around. The noise from radiant systems is negligible, so you won’t hear any furnace blower producing noisy airflow.


Radiant heating doesn’t use registers and grills, so your floors will have a seamless look to them. In new homes, you won’t have to work around them, allowing you full design potential. You also won’t have to strategically place furniture to prevent airflow blockage.

Energy Savings

One of the best benefits radiant heating provides is its energy savings. Once the boiler system heats up the liquid that runs through the underground tubing, radiant floors can stay warm for up to 10 hours, offering an energy-efficient heating method. Therefore, you’ll save significantly in energy consumption because of the unique thermal heating radiant heating provides. Because these systems operate differently than forced-air units, you won’t have to worry about scheduling thermostat setbacks and fiddling with programmable settings to get maximum energy savings. Finally, radiant systems are installed under your flooring, so the tubing is not subject to wear and tear, and they last a long time – often up to 45 years – effectively increasing your investment.

Give radiant heating some consideration when it’s time to upgrade. You’ll benefit exponentially in home comfort, aesthetics and energy savings. Need help with selecting a system? Contact the expert technicians at Stack Heating & Cooling.

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