It’s Important to Invest in Preventive HVAC Maintenance. Here’s WhyOne great way to ensure your heating and cooling system is operating efficiently, safely and effectively is to schedule preventive HVAC maintenance. While an annual maintenance tuneup is the standard, some systems, such as heat pumps, that operate year-round should get professional maintenance twice yearly. Following are some important benefits of scheduling preventive HVAC maintenance.

  • Efficiency — Over time, mechanical and other components in heating and cooling equipment will receive a coating of dust. This increases friction in moving parts such as blower motors and condensers. With heat pumps and A/Cs, it can impede the heat-exchange process in evaporator and condenser coils. Anything that reduces the ability of your forced-air HVAC system to move and circulate air and extract or release heat energy from coils, will reduce system efficiency. During preventive HVAC maintenance, your technician will clean and lubricate parts, check electrical connections, and make sure coils are not dusty or dirty, and will likely install a new HVAC filter.
  • Safety — This is a crucial part of preventive maintenance – checking components that may compromise health and safety. In a furnace, this means inspecting the venting set-up and ensuring the heat exchanger isn’t cracked, among other steps. In a heat pump or A/C, the technician will measure the refrigerant level and inspect the lines to make they aren’t leaking this toxic substance.
  • Indoor air quality — This benefit of preventive maintenance is a byproduct of ensuring efficiency and safety. Not allowing mold, mildew and bacteria to build up on coils other components will help prevent contamination of household air. The same applies to keeping condensate pans and drains working properly. For better air quality, the technician should recommend the right air filter for your system.
  • Performance — With HVAC systems, energy efficiency and performance go hand in hand. When the machinery is operating efficiently, and airflow is unimpeded, your comfort should be assured. During the maintenance visit, the technician should check the ducts to make sure they aren’t leaking or otherwise malfunctioning.

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