The price for online HVAC deals may seem too tempting to resist, especially since there are no additional installation or labor fees included in the cost. However, the online price fails to mention some very important factors that should be carefully considered before you buy any heating or cooling equipment online.


Before you spring for some of the online HVAC deals, read the fine print carefully, particularly the equipment warranty. It is very important to note that many manufacturers invalidate the warranty if the HVAC unit was bought online, which can leave you with some hefty repair bills. Even if you can buy the unit online, check the warranty for installation or service restrictions, since few warranties remain intact if anyone other than a HVAC professional installs or repairs the equipment.

Proper Sizing

While buying HVAC equipment may seem straightforward, there are some crucial calculations necessary before finding those online HVAC deals. Called a load calculation, the measurements determine several factors for your specific home, including the size, construction materials and even the position of the house in relation to the sun. Without a proper load calculation, you are more likely to buy the wrong type or size of HVAC equipment. Qualified HVAC technicians should perform a load calculation before you buy any equipment online.

Installation And Service

Last but certainly not least, if you go for the online HVAC deals and then try to find a contractor to perform the installation for you, you are likely to face rejection by many professionals. The pros worry that the HVAC equipment is the wrong type or size, has an invalid warranty because you purchased the unit online, or that they will lose profit. In addition, a contractor is more likely to charge more money for the installation and will require an expensive service warranty or charge higher service fees when something goes wrong later on.

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