Taking care of your HVAC system is one of the most important tasks for any homeowner. To ensure that it stays up and running for as long as possible, an HVAC maintenance visit may be needed from time to time.

But do you know how to truly prepare for such a visit? Here are some simple steps you should take to make the HVAC maintenance appointment go smoothly, saving you both time and money

  1. Try to fix the problem yourself. Each HVAC unit comes with ana instruction manual, and within that manual, you’ll find a troubleshooting section. Although an annual service call is still important, you may be able to correct simple issues with the unit.
  2. To speed up the service call, make sure that you can direct the technician to the locations of your thermostat, circuit breaker and HVAC equipment.
  3. Be ready to provide the technician with the brand name and model number of your HVAC unit. Knowing this information will help him or her with the specifications of your particular system.
  4. Keep a written record of any specific problems you’ve been noticing. If you’ve noticed strange sounds or smells coming from the unit, for example, be sure to make note of them and let the technician know during the appointment.
  5. If your system is hidden or blocked by anything or if it’s in a hard-to-reach place, such as a closet, clear out any obstacles.
  6. Payment will be due at the end of the HVAC maintenance service call. Regardless of whether you’re paying by cash, check or credit card, have it ready to avoid any problems.
  7. If you don’t own the house, clear the maintenance call with the landlord. You’ll want to get approval before the technician arrives and figure out how the payment will be arranged.

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