Once their heat pump is installed and operating, most homeowners tend to forget about this unit until something goes wrong. This is a great way to set yourself up for higher energy bills, compromised comfort, eventual breakdowns and a shorter service life.

A better way forward is to follow a standard set of heat pump maintenance tips that involve some simple do-it-yourself tasks combined with a yearly or twice-yearly professional tune-ups.

Things You Can Do Yourself

  • Make sure to change the air filter in your heat pump at least once a month. Just like any other forced-air heating or cooling system, a split-system heat pump requires smooth airflow to operate at its best. Inspect your filter monthly and change or clean it when it looks dirty.
  • Remove leaves, sticks, cut grass, foliage and ice from around the outside heat pump compressor. This promotes better airflow through the unit’s coil.
  • Clean the outdoor unit, including the fan assembly and coil. Open up the unit with a screwdriver, and wipe dirt from the fan blades with a wet rag. You can also use a shop-vac to clean the fan motor and shaft. Brush dirt away from the coil with a whisk broom or stiff brush, then use water or a foam cleaner to spray off trapped dirt in the coil.

What’s Involved in a Professional Tune-Up?

  • Cleaning the outside unit (if you left the job to the professional).
  • Inspecting, lubricating and cleaning the blower motor/air handler and the indoor coil.
  • Checking refrigerant levels and adjusting if necessary. If the level is low, your technician will probably look for leaks.
  • Verifying and adjusting airflow through your system, and sealing any duct leaks if necessary.
  • Cleaning your condensate drain and pan.
  • Making sure your heat pump thermostat is working properly, along with other system controls.
  • Checking that all wiring and connections are tight.

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