This time of year in northeast Ohio, most of us are enjoying springtime while planning our family vacations or backyard BBQs for the coming summer. Now is also an excellent time for an air conditioning check-up to make sure your home comfort system is ready for summer.

Preventive maintenance is an economical way to be sure you, your family and guests enjoy complete comfort this summer, without an inconvenient, expensive breakdown when the weather is boiling. Preventive maintenance will prolong the life of your A/C system, delaying replacement costs and saving you money. Your utility bills will be lower, too.

What can you expect from an A/C check-up?

Your HVAC contractor will inspect your system and take steps to keep it in excellent condition, as outlined by Energy Star. The list of maintenance check-up tasks will include the following and more:

  • Controls will be tested to ensure the A/C system starts runs, and shuts off correctly, and all moving parts will be lubricated. The refrigerant level will be checked and more will be added if necessary.
  • Filters will be cleaned or changed. (Homeowners should change air filters between maintenance visits as well.)
  • The central A/C drain will be checked to prevent a clog that could cause water damage and mold growth. The evaporator and condenser and coils will also be cleaned if necessary.
  • The blower will be cleaned and adjusted, which increases airflow and may increase the system’s efficiency up to15 percent.
  • The current, electrical connections and motor voltage will be inspected to prevent any future safety problems or the breakdown of your equipment.

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