What's Going on With the Ductwork? An Inspection Will Help You Find OutAre you noticing an excessive amount of dust buildup in your home than returns soon after being wiped clean? Do you have allergy sufferers in your home who are experiencing increased symptoms lately?  This may be the time to inspect the HVAC ductwork system for problems. A homeowner can do a minor inspection which can provide an indication whether a complete inspection and cleaning is in order.

Grab a flashlight and screw driver. Remove the covers from the registers and inspect the ductwork for an excess of dirt and debris. Look carefully for signs of rodent or insect infestation. Search for any mold growth. Moisture in the air ducts may cause this condition. If you find any of these problems, a professional inspection and cleaning is necessary.

What to expect from a professional inspection

  • Professional cleaning equipment – An expert will use a vacuum that can reach all parts of the air duct system. If any access holes are needed, the technician will seal the duct when finished with the cleaning. The pollutants will be sent outside your home with the powerful vacuum equipment.
  • Proper handling of asbestos – There are government regulations regarding the correct handling and disposal of asbestos. Any asbestos materials that are found during the professional cleaning will be removed and disposed of safely.
  • Special cleaning conditions – Fiberglass panels inside of the ductwork will be cleaned with soft-bristle brushes to avoid any damage. Any leaks in the air ducts may need to be sealed at this time to ensure dirt cannot reenter the system.
  • Other considerations – When the ductwork needs to be cleaned, other components of your HVAC system should also be inspected for problems. The fan blades, motor, and coil may have a buildup of dust and dirt that needs to be removed to avoid pollutants from entering the clean air ducts. The air filter should be replaced with a good quality filter before restarting the HVAC system.

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