Top Causes of Noisy Boilers & How to Fix ThemA boiler that’s in good shape can be one of the quietest heating appliances in your home. However, there are a wide range of problems that can make your boiler one of the noisiest as well. Here are some of the top causes of noisy boilers, as well as some tips on how to keep yours quiet:

  • High temperatures: Most boiler thermostats are set at around 160 to 180 degrees. Any higher and your boiler may run the risk of “kettling,” which describes the various knocking and banging noises caused by boiling water. Keeping your thermostat set well below the boiling point can help minimize this problem.
  • Mineral deposits: Calcium and magnesium salt deposits can contribute to lime scale, which in turn can cause hot spots throughout your boiler, leading to kettling issues. Using a chemical additive along with a good flushing can help reduce and even eliminate lime scale buildup.
  • Air leaks: Pressure differences between the steam generated by your boiler and air that leaks into your system can produce banging noises within the boiler’s pipe system. Once the source of the leak is identified (usually a faulty valve or breached pipe connection), your technician can bleed the excess air out of the system.
  • Low water levels: Boilers require a specific amount of water to effectively operate. Running low can put your boiler at risk of overheating and making noise.

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