Many homeowners don’t think about their heating and cooling equipment very much, other than to expect the furnace and air conditioner to work well when needed. However, neglecting to schedule annual HVAC maintenance can allow problems to go unchecked for a long time, creating more damage and costing much more money over the long term.

An annual HVAC maintenance inspection and cleaning will include an overall check of the system controls, tightening electrical connections, cleaning out of the condensate drain, lubrication of moving parts and adjusting the thermostat settings as needed. In addition, the technician will clean the air conditioner evaporator and condenser coils, check and adjust the refrigerant levels and clean the blower components. A furnace check will include cleaning of the burners and an inspection to ensure that the gas pressure is correct and the heat exchanger is not cracked. A cracked furnace heat exchanger can release carbon monoxide into the home.

You should not attempt to perform the annual HVAC maintenance yourself, unless you have the specific skills to clean, adjust and inspect the furnace and air conditioner properly. In addition, a licensed professional should only handle refrigerant for the air conditioner. However, you can check the air filter on your furnace and air conditioner regularly and either clean or replace the filter if dirty or clogged.

Failure to have your HVAC equipment inspected, cleaned and adjusted on a regular basis may lead to higher operating costs due to dirty or malfunctioning components. In addition, a HVAC expert can identify potential problems before they occur or get worse, which can save you some serious money in eventual repair or replacement costs. Heating and cooling equipment that is well maintained will also run more efficiently, which will lower your overall heating and cooling costs and save on energy.

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