Do Your Kids Know the Electricity Safety Basics?

As adults, we may take electricity safety lessons for granted. We know not to stick our fingers in outlets or to use the hairdryer in the tub. Do your children know the electricity safety basics?

Remember to regularly review safety tips so the lessons are top of mind:

• Prevent tripping: Keep phone chargers and cords out of walking paths—an unseen cable can cause a twisted ankle.
• Watch out for liquids and electricity: Water and electricity don’t mix. Dry your hands well before using electrical equipment to prevent getting a shock!
• Don’t put the knife in a toaster: If your toast is stuck, don’t try to pry it out with a knife, especially if the toaster is still plugged in.
• Report broken cords or electrical equipment to adults: If you see wires that are frayed, broken, or cracked, tell an adult. Broken cords can cause fires or electrical shock.

If you want a fun way to walk through at home electrical safety with your kids, visit the The Electrical Safety Council’s game. Walk through each room of the house and identify potential dangers.

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