No one enjoys dealing with toilet leaks. Even if you know how to fix them, they could indicate an issue that will cause more leaks and issues in the future. There are a lot of common problems and repairs that can take place in your bathroom, and toilet repair is one of the most common.

That’s why along with knowing the reasons for your toilet leaking and how to deal with it, you need to know when to call a professional in for help. Here are some reasons for a leaking toilet and when you might need to call for professional help.

Reasons for Leaking ToiletSanitary worker performs repair of toilet bowl, broken pipe

Here are the most common reasons why your toilet might be leaking and why you might need to call a professional for toilet repair:

  •     The seals at the base could be loose or worn out: An accumulation of water around the base of your toilet is a good indication that the leak might be caused by loose or worn-out seals. These seals are designed to bind the toilet to the floor and can wear out as time goes by.
  •     Damaged toilet bowl or tank: Toilets from reliable manufacturers are made to be durable, but even they can wear out over time. If cracks are forming on your toilet bowl, you should have it fixed immediately. Otherwise, these cracks will grow larger and make the issue worse.
  •     The flush valve assembly is misaligned: Internal leakage is also another common reason for a leaky toilet. This is especially true when the valve assembly has been adjusted the wrong way, causing water to overflow.
  •     Worn-out toilet flapper: A damaged flapper can cause internal toilet leakage. A flapper normally blocks the water from the tank from reaching the bowl. When it’s damaged, the water will continue to pour into the toilet bowl until it leaks outside.
  •     The float has been damaged: The water in your toilet should stop flowing once it reaches a certain point. The job of the float is to ensure that this happens. However, a damaged float can cause the device to stop engaging, thus leading to an overflow of water.

Ways You Can Address the LeakLeakage of water from a toilet due to blockage of the pipe

You can repair the problem with your leaking toilet if you have the time to get it done. But before you get started on any repairs, make sure that you turn off the water to the bathroom or toilet. However, make sure you have your toilet repair done by a professional to ensure the best results. Some of the ways a professional might address your leaking toilet includes:

  •     For loose or worn-out seals: A plumber will remove the existing seals from the base of your toilet and reapply new ones.
  •     For a damaged toilet tank: A professional can apply temporary toilet repair by applying putty and sealants. If the damage is severe, then you might want to consider buying a new tank altogether.
  •     For a problematic flush valve: Call a professional to make sure that the whole unit is adjusted appropriately or that it has not been damaged or corroded. If the latter is true, then you might want to ask your plumber to replace the entire valve.
  •     For a worn-out toilet flapper: A plumber will take out the old flapper from the tank of your toilet and then install a new one for you.
  •     For a bad float: A professional can replace your old one by removing it and slipping a new one into place.

When to Call a Professional

Any leakage in toilets can start out as a minor issue. However, if you leave them be, more issues will accumulate over time. That’s why you should have any toilet repair done as soon as you spot signs of leaking to avoid larger concerns.

If you’re unsure where to begin for toilet repair, then it is the best time to call a professional.

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