Plumbing systems are integral for our homes and businesses and can be quite messy when not working properly. Leaks and other plumbing problems can cause major issues that may affect other parts or systems of your home or building. Some problems you can address yourself, but other situations may require the services of a plumbing professional. 

No Water

If there is no water at all in your home, no matter which faucet or appliance you use, it’s a good time to call a plumber. There can be several different reasons for why you don’t have any running water. If possible, check with your neighbor to see if they have running water. If their home or building also doesn’t have water, contact professional plumbing services to address the situation. If more than one home or building has no water, that means the issue is bigger than you might have previously thought. 

No Hot Water

You may occasionally run out of hot water when used frequently, but if it takes an extremely long time to warm back up, or doesn’t reheat at all, there may be something wrong with your water heater. There are a few issues that could be causing this, and some of them can be fixed more easily than others. Call a professional plumber to diagnose the issue with your water heater. It could be as simple as relighting the pilot light, or if the issue is something more complex, your plumber will let you know. 

Low Water PressureClose up of a partly clogged shower head in a bathroom, causing it to putting out so little water

If the water pressure in your home or building has slowed to a drip, or even stopped completely, it’s time to call professional plumbing services. If you only have low water pressure in one faucet, you might be able to clean out the aerator to fix the issue. If that doesn’t work, or the water pressure is low in multiple areas of your home or building, you may want to contact a plumber to diagnose and address the problem. 

Drain Won’t Drain

It’s common for drains to get clogged or blocked. Most of the time you will be able to address this on your own with a plunger. However, if the clogged drain remains through your plunging, or consistently gets clogged or backed up, you might have a bigger issue on your hands. Even if the drain only gets backed up in certain situations, it may be worth looking into, as that small problem can quickly turn into a bigger issue if left alone, so make sure you call professional plumbing services to investigate. 

Hand under faucet with low pressure water streamDripping Faucets

Some of the time you can easily fix a dripping faucet on your own with household tools. A leaky faucet may not seem like the biggest issue at the time, but if left unchecked, that leaky faucet will drip several gallons of water over time, costing you extra money on your water bill. A recurring or steady drip can signify that there may be a problem in your piping system. Call professional services to help diagnose and address this problem. 

Sewage Smell

Your home or building can produce a sewage smell if a clogged drain is allowed to fester and grow. This usually happens when a clog blocks an unreachable part of the plumbing system not affected by your usual plunging. There’s no need to try and mask the smell when you can call a plumber to help you out. A professional plumber will be able to find the cause of your sewer smell and figure out a way to fix it. 

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