A clogged toilet may be just one of the many issues that can arise in your bathroom. Toilets do the nasty job of removing waste and excrement, so when there is a problem with the toilet itself, it can get rather messy. However, most of these toilet issues can be repaired on your own with some direction.

Clogged ToiletToilet plunger over toilet bowl

One of the most common problems with your toilet will most likely be a clogged toilet. A clogged toilet means something is blocking the water in the clogged toilet from flushing properly. When the drain or pipe of the toilet is blocked or clogged, it restricts the flow of the water and often causes it to back up and overflow. This can be caused by regular use of the toilet, or by flushing unusual objects that aren’t biodegradable. 

Most of the time, these clogs can be plunged with a rubber plunger that you might have in your own home. A flange plunger may provide better results on a clogged toilet than a traditional plunger. If your clogged toilet still won’t flush, you may need to look at using a snake tool, or call a professional plumber for assistance. 

Toilet Water Level

The water level of your toilet should remain consistent throughout its usage. If the water level of the toilet is too high, it most likely indicates that your toilet is clogged, causing the water to overflow and rise up. If the water level in your toilet is too low, however, there are a few different reasons that might be causing that. 

Fill Valve 

This valve fills the water tank of the toilet back up with water after flushing. If this valve becomes misaligned, the water tank of the toilet will fill up quickly with an inefficient amount of water. If you try flushing the toilet with this low water, it will be inadequate for an efficient flush. 

Sometimes fixing this problem is as easy as clipping the fill valve back into place. If the problem is any more complex than that, you may need to replace your fill valve or call a professional plumber for assistance

Cracked Toilet Bowl

Toilet bowls are made from hard, dense materials for long-term durability, but can become damaged nonetheless. A crack in your toilet might not be as big or as noticeable as the crack in the Liberty Bell, but can create damage in your bathroom nonetheless. If you begin finding water around your toilet and a lower water level, inspect your toilet bowl for any cracks. Water can still leak out through a skinny line, easily going unnoticed. If you find a crack in your toilet, you may need to consider replacing it, or calling professional plumbing services for more information. 

Slow FlushingToilet in bathroom with door open

If your home uses a leach field connected to the septic system, this may be the cause of any slow or sluggish flushing your toilet might be experiencing. If a leach field is blocked or clogged, the water will not percolate as properly as it should. This reduced air flow will cause the toilet’s flushes to become slow and sluggish. This may even happen without a septic tank, and can be caused by debris clogged further down the drain. If you are unsure of what is causing your slow flushing, contact a local professional for more help. 

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