Air pollution is one of the top environmental issues the planet is struggling with, and many people fail to realize that it impacts the air indoors, as well. Seeing as most people spend plenty of their time indoors, air quality is important in your home, school, workplace, or anywhere else that you spend time inside. In fact, it directly impacts your health and general wellbeing.

For those who are already suffering from asthma and other respiratory diseases, breathable, pollutant-free indoor air is essential to ensuring you lead a quality life. With healthy, clean indoor air, you can greatly lower your risk of developing or worsening lung diseases, reduce the risk of developing chronic conditions, and stay healthier in general.

Health Issues Associated With Poor Indoor Air Quality

Your health will suffer if the indoor air quality in your home is poor. Air quality is a big factor in the health of children and elders as well as those with lung problems, heart conditions, and asthma. Even if you don’t have any of these conditions, indoor pollutants can quickly make your life miserable.

Poor indoor air quality can lead to symptoms like:

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  •     Eye, nose, and throat irritation
  •     Breathing problems
  •     Coughing
  •     Skin rashes
  •     Sneezing
  •     Allergic reactions
  •     Headaches
  •     Nausea
  •     Difficulty sleeping
  •     Fatigue

If you’ve been experiencing these symptoms without any other underlying issues, there is a high chance that the air quality inside your home is bad. Other signs include the buildup of dust, unpleasant odors, or hot and cold spots around the house.

How Do HVAC Systems Impact Air Quality?

HVAC systems keep your home clean and refreshing, especially during the height of winter or summer. During these times, your HVAC system plays a vital role in maintaining the quality of air inside your home. An HVAC system with poor maintenance can lead to poor indoor air quality, making the inhabitants of your building vulnerable to various health issues.

A properly maintained HVAC system operates within the “building envelope”. A building envelope refers to the barrier that separates your home’s unconditioned exterior from the conditioned interior; this ensures that the conditioned air stays inside, while the HVAC system prevents it from being contaminated. HVAC systems accomplish this through the use of an air filter that blocks contaminants like mold spores and pet dander from circulating back through the ductwork. This system is your main defense against air contamination, ensuring that the air quality indoors is clean and healthy.

Professional HVAC Maintenance

Man leaning back on couch taking deep breathA broken HVAC system not only compromises your comfort, but your health as well. If you have to replace parts of the system, then your HVAC system becomes a financial burden, not to mention the illnesses you may develop because of it. The best solution for this is regular, professional HVAC maintenance.

HVAC systems are complex machines that need someone experienced and knowledgeable to look after them. Regular HVAC maintenance increases the life of the system and helps you save money by avoiding future repairs and replacements. If you try to repair your system on your own without experience, it could end up in worse condition than it was before, further jeopardizing the health of you and others in the building.

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