During spring and early summer the breeze tends to kick up and blow around particles that can affect sensitive noses. Over winter these particles tend to settle in undisturbed areas until the following spring or summer. One of these areas are the air ducts and vents in your home connected to your HVAC or air conditioning system. Therefore, if you don’t clean your air ducts, your system may be blowing these allergens out and around your home. 

Air Quality

The air quality in your home affects the breathing of the individuals in your home. If there already isn’t much air flow in your home and you turn on your central air that blows around these allergens, it will only make the air quality worse. There are several different types of allergens that can be settled in your air duct. Even if the people in your home don’t have allergies, these allergens in the air can still affect their health and well-being. Things like itchy eyes and headaches can be signs of allergens hiding in your air duct. 


Closeup of floating pollen particlesic

Pollen is one of the most common allergens that cause respiratory problems and reactions in most people. Pollen easily enters the home through open doors and windows, and can even be tracked in by people’s clothing or shoes. People suffering from pollen allergies often have symptoms during the warm seasons as the pollen blows around the atmosphere. If you have pollen in an air duct being blown around your home, it will only make those symptoms worse. 

Mold and Mildew

Mold and mildew are common issues in most homes and could be the cause of you or your family’s allergies without knowing. Mold is the culprit for many different allergy symptoms and reactions for many different families and homes. However, any amount of mold or mildew in an air duct will magnify any allergy symptoms someone might have. In significant amounts, mold or mildew can make anyone sick, whether they are allergic or not. If there is any extra moisture or leakage in an air duct, it will most likely lead to mold or mildew, so make sure to get it cleaned or checked out. 


While bacteria might not be considered an allergen itself, if you have any bacteria within your vents or air ducts, it will spread much faster through the air flow of the house. For someone who might already be struggling with allergies, bacteria can worsen these symptoms and even cause illness. Bacteria combined with allergies can be an unhealthy combination. Bacteria could be living in your ducts without you knowing, so it’s best to clean and sanitize every air duct before turning on your central air for the season. 

Pet DanderWoman is sneezing from fur allergy on the sofa and playing with her cat.

Pet allergies are very common in any house with animals. Dander and fur can cause allergic reactions in many people if too much is present. Additionally, if there is fur and dander in your air vents being blown around the home, it will be more difficult to fully clean and sanitize. Even if your home is considerably tidy, dander and fur could be hiding in an air vent to be blown throughout the home. Allergic symptoms can potentially be worse for someone with asthma if the air quality inside is poor. If you have pets in your home, take extra care to check and clean each duct in your home. 

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