The frigid winters of northeast Ohio can be especially hard on your attic, As a homeowner, you are certainly aware of how little ventilation your home receives during the months of closed doors and windows to keep out the cold. However, inadequate attic ventilation will eventually cause more problems than your desire to keep in the heat, due to the buildup of moisture. This moisture brings allergy-causing mold and mildew with it, and can destroy ductwork insulation as well as the wood the walls are made of.

The risks of inadequate attic ventilation are further increased during the winter months because of the operation of heating sources in the lower rooms, and the unfortunate construction of many homes to vent this heat to the attic instead of outside the house. This heat carries additional moisture to the attic and is probably the biggest source of mold and weakened walls, often as a result of a poor construction plan that ventilates this heat to the attic, instead of diverting it directly to the outside of the house.

As a final measure, after sealing your attic from the heat of the lower rooms, a ventilation system needs to be added to clear the old air out and replace this with clean, outside air. This system will also help defend against the rising heat and the moisture that comes with it by filtering it out of the attic before it can create a fertile environment for mold. Even if you have managed to plug all the leaks from below, inadequate attic ventilation could still give rise to the stagnant environment that biological pollutants love.

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