Improving indoor air quality is mission critical in your Cleveland or Northeast Ohio home. Unfortunately, as homes get more energy efficient, they also trap more pollutants and impurities – air tight homes that don’t let in cool air also don’t let out dust and stuffy air.

Whole house ventilation systems can encourage a good balance between venting bad air out and allowing outdoor air in. To find the right system for your home, you will want to:

1) Understand the different types of ventilation systems available. All whole house ventilation systems are active or mechanical systems that rely on electric fans to move air. However, how they do that varies. Exhaust systems use fans to suck indoor air out of the house, pulling outdoor air in because negative air pressure is created. Supply systems use fans to pull outdoor air into the home, creating positive indoor pressure and pushing indoor air out. Balanced systems pull in air and pushing out air in equal measure so that indoor air pressure is balanced. Energy recovery systems are designed to be energy efficient.

2) Choose the right system for your home. Once you understand the different ventilation types, how can you choose the right fit for your home? An HVAC specialist may be able to offer advice, but in general exhaust systems work well in colder climates and may not fare well in the hot, humid weather which is typical during Ohio summers. Supply systems work well in mixed climates and offer better control as well as air quality benefits. Balanced systems work well in all climates but will not remove moisture from the air being drawn into the house.

3) Think about other factors. How much will the system cost to install and operate? How quiet will it be? How will the system distribute fresh air throughout your home? Ask your HVAC professional about how each system might benefit your home.

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