How to Locate the Perfect Spot for Your Tankless Water HeaterTankless water heaters are usually much smaller than their traditional counterparts, allowing them to be installed in many locations. Where you choose to install your tankless water heater will affect its performance. Take the following factors into consideration to find the ideal spot for your heater.


A tankless water heater is affected by temperature. Freezing temperatures will make the water inside it freeze. This can cause serious damage that your warranty may not cover. For that reason, it is better to install a tankless heater indoors. If you prefer installing the heater outdoors, constant power will be required to operate its freeze prevention system.


You should not install your tankless system in an area that is prone to moisture or excess humidity, or where liquids may splash on it. Moisture can corrode the burner and restrict gas supply, causing the system to shut down.


The location of your heater should be free from dust and debris. Particles from aerosols and other contaminants can clog your heater’s air vent, impede functioning of the fan and cause inadequate burning of the gas.


When choosing a suitable location, you should consider future maintenance. Install the heater in an area that can be easily accessed. If you’re replacing a traditional water heater, the most sensible option is to install the tankless system in the same place as your current heater. Major plumbing alterations will not be required, and you’ll save on installation costs.

Demand Areas

The best location for your tankless water heater is close to the demand areas in your home. The closer your heater is to those areas, the lesser the amount of time the hot water will take to travel from the heater to the points of use. You’ll save water and heating energy.

A tankless water heater is an excellent long-term investment. For you to enjoy its full benefits, you’ll need to plan its location carefully. For more information, contact us at Stack Heating & Cooling, proudly serving the Northeast Ohio area.

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