As much as we’d like them to, heaters don’t provide reliable heating forever. As with air conditioning and water heaters, at some point, you will need a heater or furnace repair or, worst-case scenario, a replacement. During the cold months, broken heaters can be a serious problem. I mean, no one wants to live in a cold home! This article will provide tips on recognizing when you need a heating repair and what to do in that situation.

Signs It’s Time for a Heater RepairCold Couple

Cold or lukewarm temperatures: This might seem obvious, but if your heater isn’t doing its primary job – heating – correctly, it’s likely it needs some repair work.

  • An odd smell coming from the heating system: If you notice a burning smell coming out of your heating vents when the heating is on, they likely need to be cleaned and/or repaired.
  • The heater has trouble starting: If you notice your heater is taking longer to start up or maybe makes some strange noises before starting, you know it’s time to call your heater repair service.
  • Discolored pilot light: For gas heaters, the ideal color for a pilot flame is blue with a yellow tip. If the flame is entirely yellow, that indicates there might be a ventilation problem or too much carbon monoxide.
  • Noises coming from heating vents: Noises from your heating vents are not usually a good sign. However, different noises mean different issues.
    • Belt or fan issues usually squeal.
    • Loose parts make banging sounds.
    • Fan blades that have warped and broken motors can cause scraping sounds
    • A broken gas valve might rumble loudly.
    • Dirty compressors or clanking fans.
    • Sheet metal air ducts make popping sounds.
    • Hissing can come from broken air filters, obstructed vents, leaky ductwork, etc.

Risks of Not Staying On Top of Your Heating Repaircold man

Aside from not being able to enjoy the warmth of a functioning heater, not repairing your heater when you notice one of the signs mentioned previously could turn into a bigger problem. Not fixing your heater when it shows clear signs of broken parts can eventually lead to it breaking completely, and you’ll then need to replace the entire heating system. Trust us; repair costs are much lower than replacing a complete HVAC system.  With gas heaters, there’s the added risk to your health if you continue to use a heater with a broken heat exchanger. The dangers of carbon monoxide affecting your indoor air quality are serious. On the other hand, electric heaters can potentially cause house fires if left unattended.

What to Do If Your Heater is Broken

If you’re facing a broken heater, the best thing to do is call heating repair services. Professional heating services will be the best – and only – solution to your issue, as trying to repair a heater yourself could potentially be dangerous and could cause further damage to the unit. Routine HVAC servicing is necessary to keep your heating and air conditioner at top quality and prevent needing emergency heating repairs.

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