Heating repair might not be the first thing on your mind right now. When it’s 80 degrees and sunny, you may not see the need to focus on your heating system. After all, your air conditioning system is the part of your HVAC system that you’re really depending on right now to get you through the season. However, there are several reasons why it’s better to have repairs, replacements, and maintenance done in the middle of the summer than in the middle of the winter.

Less of a Wait

When you think about the demand for heating repair in the spring and summer versus the demand for heating repair in the fall and winter, there’s a clear difference. It doesn’t occur to most people to have their heating systems checked, repaired, or replaced before winter hits. As such, there will likely be less of a wait time with an HVAC company to get that heating repair done. If you wait until November or December to get it done, you might end up waiting several days for the HVAC company to have an opening, which can get uncomfortable if your house is cold.

Heat Pumps Aren’t Just For Heat

Contrary to their name, heat pumps aren’t just for heating your home. They can actually heat your home and cool it! During the cooler months, the refrigerant in your heating system gathers heat from the outdoors. That heat is then blown out to the rest of your home. Though it might not seem like there’s enough heat outside during the winter, heat pumps can actually gather heat in temperatures as cold as 5 degrees Fahrenheit!  During the warmer months, it does almost the exact opposite. The refrigerant gathers the heat from the inside of your home and blows it out to the outdoors. By getting your heating repair done during the summer, you could end up maximizing your air conditioner’s efficiency as well if you have a heat pump system.

Energy Bills

Nobody likes getting their energy bill at the end of the month and discovering that it’s higher than they expected. Getting your heating repair done before winter hits can save you money! You might not be aware that there’s a problem with your heating system until you’ve had it on for a month and get the bill. If you wait until that bill comes to book your heating repair with an HVAC company, then you may get put on a waiting list. While you’re on that waiting list, your heating system will continue to run inefficiently, costing you even more money. However, if you book a heating repair before winter, the technician may be able to catch any issues with your heating system before they end up costing you money!

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