4 Residential Electricity Tips for Winter Time

Did you know that more house fires happen in winter than during any other time of year? Electrical Safety Foundation International offers some safety tips for winter electrical use. Here is a summary of their advice:

  1. Follow the instructions. Sounds simple, right? Far too many of us, however, neglect to take simple steps such as making sure the wattage of our light bulbs doesn’t exceed that which is acceptable in our lighting fixtures, or we plug space heaters in overnight when we go to sleep. By following the instructions on our electrical devices, we can all ensure a safer living environment in our homes.
  1. Purchase a carbon monoxide detector. They are inexpensive and look and operate similarly to smoke detectors. More than 200 people die annually from the silent killer that is carbon monoxide. This small, easy step can help to protect you and your family. This is especially essential if you have a fuel-operated backup generator for winter power outages.
  1. Don’t Sleep with Electric Blankets. Electric blankets and heating pads cause around 500 fires annually. If you choose to use one, make absolutely sure you are doing so only while awake. If there is a chance you could fall asleep, try using a hot water bottle instead. Most hot water bottles offer hours of heat from one fill and you won’t be sleeping with electrical cords!
  1. Use Space Heaters Safely. As we detailed for you in our blog about space-heater safety, these heat-producing devices can be very dangerous if left unattended or used near flammable materials, surfaces, people or pets. Use caution if you employ a space heater this winter!

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