A heat-pump system can be a good choice for year-round heating needs. It is more efficient, more economical and better for the environment than heating systems that use fossil fuels. Heat pumps are less efficient in locations where the temperatures frequently drop below freezing, like they do in northeast Ohio. Even in these environments, however, heat pumps can work well when paired with an oil or gas furnace as part of a dual-fuel system.

Normally, a heat-pump system should last about 15 years, although newer models may work longer. Many factors can reduce or extend that expected lifespan:

  • Maintenance: The importance of regular preventive maintenance cannot be overstressed. By regularly changing the filters and scheduling regular service checks, you can extend the life of your heat pump by years.
  • Repair: When a problem is found during a routine maintenance inspection, get it fixed immediately. Neglected problems only get worse. If one issue isn’t fixed, it could cause even more troubles. The more issues that need repair, the more likely it is the whole unit will fail and cannot be fixed.
  • Cleaning: Keep the interior and exterior of the heat pump clean and free of dirt, leaves, sticks and other debris. Keep vents and internal parts free from obstructions. Make sure birds or small animals haven’t built nests in the unit; clean them out if they have.
  • Usage: Heat-pump systems that are used excessively are more likely to fail. If you continue to operate your heat pump after temperatures fall below about 30 degrees, when the unit has become inefficient, you will wear it out much sooner. Don’t be afraid to use the unit for what it’s designed to do, but don’t push it beyond its limits.

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