How Does Preventive Maintenance Impact Furnace Efficiency?The efficiency of your furnace will be a prime concern as the weather gets colder. With that in mind, taking the time to focus on preventive maintenance will help your furnace achieve the greatest efficiency possible during the cold, harsh Ohio winter.

Here are some preventive maintenance tasks you can perform:

  • Air filters can severely impact furnace efficiency when they become dirty and clogged. Check air filters monthly and replace as needed; try not to exceed two months without a replacement.
  • Changing your thermostat frequently can reduce the long-term efficiency of your furnace. Avoid making unnecessary adjustments by finding — and maintaining — the optimal temperature for your home.
  • Keep the unit clear of plants and debris, as well as ice and snow.

One of the most important things you can do is have an expert regularly — annually at least — inspect your furnace and perform routine procedures which are necessary.Here are the areas a professional will focus on during a service call:

  • Furnace will be cleaned and moving parts will be lubricated.
  • Electric panels will be checked to ensure proper working condition.
  • Thermostat will be inspected and assessed for accuracy.
  • Airflow will be checked for proper levels.
  • Specific parts and components of your furnace will be inspected for degradation and replaced if needed.

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