Because most furnaces last for years and because of the large job they perform in a home, a furnace installation is a large event. Prior to performing a furnace installation, however, you should consider three things:

Furnace Size

The furnace that’s right for your house isn’t necessarily the one with a heating capacity that fits your home’s square footage. Current standards for sizing residential heating systems include a variety of factors, including a home’s size, layout, airtightness and insulation, in determining the best size furnace for the house. A heating professional can inspect your home and assist you in selecting the appropriate furnace size.

Furnace Efficiency

A new furnace will cost thousands of dollars. The amount of energy the furnace requires to operate can assist you in recouping this cost. The more efficient the furnace, the less it costs to run, and the more savings you see.

Most new furnaces have higher energy-efficiency ratings than older furnaces. You can maximize the savings from a new furnace by choosing one with a high efficiency rating. According to the American Council for An Energy-Efficient Economy, a furnace that is 95 percent efficient means a $47 savings per $100 over an old furnace that only has a 50 percent efficiency rating. If your annual fuel bill is normally $1,300, this means a $611 yearly savings. Of course, the more you use the furnace, the greater the savings as a result of efficiency.

Furnace Fuel Source

Just because your old furnace used one type of fuel doesn’t mean you should automatically go with the same fuel when you upgrade. With help from a trusted HVAC professional, consider your options. Most likely, if you already operate a natural gas furnace, that will be your best bet for a replacement. You’ll already have your gas connections and venting in place, and natural gas prices are relatively low these days as a result of ramped-up domestic natural gas production. However, you never know; you may find out that an alternative source makes more sense.

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