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Solar & Geothermal Services in the Cleveland Area

solar-poweredWith innovative technology for energy efficiency, there are many different kinds of HVAC systems than traditional heating systems. If you are thinking about changing your system to something that is an investment in energy savings, have you ever considered harnessing the power of the energy inside the earth or from the sun? If the answer is yes, you would be interested in our services in solar hot water systems, solar energy systems, or a geothermal system.

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Solar Hot Water Systems

Solar hot water systems can help reduce your utility costs and energy consumption without compromising convenience – water is heated to the same temperature as with a conventional system but at a fraction of the cost. This system is an alternative to tankless coil water heaters, gas water heaters, electric water heaters, or even a heat pump water heater.

With a solar water system, you can use the sun as your energy source to reduce your reliance on conventional energy sources. Some important points about a solar hot water system are:

  • A solar hot water system uses the sun to generate warm water for your home
  • The heat from the sun is captured by collectors on your roof
  • You can almost entirely eliminate your water heating bill with solar hot water
  • You can install solar hot water to supplement your regular water heater

Solar water heater cuts down on greenhouse emissions along with long-term savings in reducing gas and electricity bills.

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Solar Energy Systems

Solar energy systems cut monthly utility costs by generating power right where you are. They’re sustainable and environmentally conscious, and they can improve the value of your home while simultaneously reducing your carbon footprint. A solar power system utilizes multiple photovoltaic (PV) panels, a DC-to-AC power converter, and a rack system that will hold all of the PV panels in place.

The PV panels should face towards where the sun can be directionally found, usually in the easterly, northerly, or westerly direction. By maximizing the direction of the panels, you can maximize the amount of energy that is absorbed by the panels.

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Geothermal Heating Systems

Inside the earth is a powerful heat-generating mechanism. The temperature just below the surface stays at a comfortable 50 to 60 degrees. This means soil contains more heat energy than the air in the winter and less heat energy than the air in the summer. Geothermal heating systems transfer heat energy from the ground into your home in the winter, then reverse the process when the temperatures rise in the summer. This provides a much more energy-efficient solution than electric or fuel-based heating options, decreasing the energy usage by 40-60% of conventional systems.

Why Choose Geothermal?

  • A constant supply of warmth available
  • Energy efficiency and decreased utility bills
  • Environmentally friendly

Common Geothermal Repairs

Geothermal systems have a long life span, but they will sometimes need to be repaired. When you are having trouble with yours, you’ll want an experienced team on the job. Stack Heating, Cooling & Electric, provides geothermal heating system repairs in the Cleveland area. Some of the problems we help with include:

  • Scale buildup– The main way to handle heat transfer in a geothermal system is with water. Over time, hard water can cause limescale buildup
  • Ground loop leaks– The ground loop, the part of the geothermal system that runs underground, can develop leaks. This can make the system inefficient and ineffective. Finding the leak requires the help of a pro.
  • Heat pump problems– The heat pump itself can develop problems, like fan or compressor problems, that need repair.

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