As the heating season takes hold across our Greater Cleveland area, furnaces already have been working hard to make Northeast Ohio homes comfortable. Since your system is running so often, you might consider a furnace inspection to keep it in efficient, working order.

A furnace inspection can ensure your heating system performs at its best all season. It can improve energy efficiency, which saves money on heating bills, but more, it can save money later on by catching small problems before they become large, expensive ones. Knowing your furnace is safe to use will give you peace of mind, as well.

Not all HVAC companies use exactly the same checklists when performing regular furnace maintenance. If you have specific concerns for your equipment, you should always ask your technician what services are performed. Those with maintenance agreements may be able to find more information in the documentation. With that in mind, there are several common tasks covered in most inspections and tune-ups:

  • Check the thermostat settings for proper calibration, and verify a programmable thermostat responds to programming.
  • Lubricate all moving parts, so each operates easily and without undue wear.
  • Tighten up electrical connections and check the voltage and current on the motor.
  • Check the vent system for leakage or blockages, both outside and inside at the furnace.
  • Check fuel connections, gas pressure, burner ignition and function, and the heat exchanger.
  • Look over the blower components and ensure optimal airflow. Make sure the fresh air intake grille and blower fan aren’t blocked or dirty.
  • Inspect the drainage system for blockages or leakage, including the hoses and the condensate drain.
  • Check high limit and safety controls. These ensure your furnace doesn’t overheat and damage both itself and your home.
  • Verify the air filter has been changed.

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