Efficiency is always a big feature when it comes to HVAC systems. Over the long run, a highly efficient furnace can be the difference between wasting a lot of energy and saving a lot of money. The next time you replace your furnace, consider a high efficiency condensing gas furnace.

Why Condensing Furnaces?

A condensing furnace is the most efficient type of furnace you can get. Furnace efficiency is rated based on the AFUE (Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency) of the unit, and a condensing furnace can score up to 98 percent.

In order to achieve this near perfect efficiency, a condensing gas furnace takes advantage of the fact that in a traditional furnace, heat is lost through the exhaust gases. By utilizing a secondary heat exchanger that takes out enough heat to condense the gas, a condensing furnace can redirect this heat into your home.

Benefits of Condensing Furnaces

The secondary heat exchange step isn’t the only reason why condensing furnaces are superior to normal systems. There are three more pieces of technology that provide further performance benefits:

  • Sealed combustion: Instead of using air that comes from inside your home, a condensing unit utilizes air from outside to mix with the gas. This saves you energy during the combustion process and means that you can also have a sealed exhaust, which is much safer.
  • Variable-capacity blowers: Normal furnaces have a single airflow speed, which limits the precision of the unit. A condensing unit can adjust the airflow speed so you can heat your home to more precisely satisfy your temperature needs.
  • Multi-stage burners: Most condensing furnaces are able to adjust how much fuel is used in order to only use the minimum needed. This helps your furnace achieve a higher efficiency by wasting less fuel.

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