Summer is a welcome break for many. Students are home with their families, teachers get a rest, and the sun shines through the blue sky almost every day. However, summer can be a bit more stressful on electrical systems than it is on people. Unfortunately for our wallets, summer sometimes requires some repair work, especially for air conditioning systems. There are several electrical problems that are relatively common in the summertime and require repairs. Have you ever had to perform any of these repairs?

Air Conditioner Issues

A broken air conditioner in the middle of summer is entirely unpleasant to deal with, especially on an 80- or 90-degree day as we often get here in Ohio. Unfortunately, since air conditioners consume more electricity in the summer due to being used more often, that’s precisely when they develop problems most often. Some air conditioner problems have relatively simple fixes, such as cleaning the condenser coils or changing the air filter. A dirty air filter can really impact both your air conditioner’s efficiency and your indoor air quality. However, some problems are more complicated, and thus require more complex fixes that are best handled by a professional. Sometimes, if you have a window unit or portable unit, these can cause fuses to blow. This usually happens when you have too many electronics plugged into a single power strip. Try to avoid plugging items like air conditioners, which require lots of power, into power strips. Plug them directly into the wall instead.

Summer Storms Can Cause Power Outages

Living in Ohio, we’re all familiar with summer storms. They can get quite strong, especially the ones that come in off of Lake Erie. Unfortunately, they can sometimes knock out your power, which is annoying at best and can result in spoiled food and such at worst. There isn’t much you can do to restore your power after a storm, besides calling the electric company to determine the cause of the outage and get an estimate for when it’ll be fixed.

Flickering Lights

Sometimes the overuse of electricity, especially with air conditioning, in the summer can cause your lights to flicker. At first, you might assume that your lightbulbs are failing and need to be replaced. However, before you make this assumption, check and see if all of your lights are flickering or if it’s just one isolated bulb or the lights in one specific room. If it’s all of them, try turning off your AC for a few minutes before you try anything else. If that fixes the problem, your lights are likely flickering because of electricity overuse. Try unplugging things when you’re not using them or setting your air conditioner to a slightly higher temperature. However, if it’s just the one bulb flickering, then you probably need to replace the bulb. This is an easy electrical repair to perform by yourself! If unplugging electronics and changing bulbs doesn’t fix the problem, you should call a professional. 

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