If you’ve already taken measures to prevent air loss from leaks in your home and upgraded your home’s insulation to create an effective heat barrier, you’d be remiss if you didn’t also check your ductwork and vent system for energy losses. Your home’s ductwork system delivers heated air throughout your home, so if there are problems with that delivery process, you’re likely experiencing energy losses – and comfort problems – that show up through higher energy bills.

Here’s where to check and what to do:

Evaluate Visible Ducts

Some of your home’s ductwork will be accessible to you, in particular the duct pipes located in the basement or attic. It’s possible that a previous homeowner could have sealed the ducts with duct tape – a big no-no and significant contributor to energy losses. Duct tape is ineffective, and it quickly loses its seal because it can’t adhere effectively to metal ductwork. It’s best to use a specially designed material for sealing ducts called mastic.

Assess Hidden Ductwork

Even when ductwork is sealed by a professional, it can and will lose its seal over time. If you haven’t had your entire duct system inspected by a professional, who can access even hidden ductwork with special tools to assess its performance, schedule an appointment with one soon.

Inspect Vents

There should be air supply vents in every room of your home. You can conduct your own visual inspection to see if each room does indeed have a supply vent. Keep in mind, however, that even if a room does have a vent, the ductwork might not be connected to it. It’s critical to have an expert evaluate the home’s venting to ensure that your home has an effective system of air supply registers and air return grilles, as this is generally not a project that a homeowner can do.

Prevent energy losses and impact your utility bills by checking your home’s ductwork and vent system. If you’d like help with air balancing, ductwork design improvements, or sealing ducts and vents, contact the home comfort experts at Stack Heating & Cooling today.

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